Welcome to Safety Training Solutions, LLC.

If someone you know or love began choking, would you know what to do? If someone had a car accident would you know what to do? Are you able to identify the signs and symptoms of a heart attack or stroke? What would you do if a family member or co-worker suddenly went into
cardiac arrest?

These questions can all be answered by enrolling in a CPR or First Aid course. Most people at some time or another may have had CPR or First aid training, but never renewed their skills or decided it won’t happen to them. Knowing what to do could save the life of some one that you know, love, or provide care for.

Our courses are designed for all levels of learners. We offer several courses from basic beginner classes to advanced courses for health professionals. Simply click on the link marked courses and get a full description of classes being offered and find the right one for you. Not sure what class is right, simply call or email and we will be glad to assist you. CPR and First Aid has never been easier to learn than now. Enroll today and have the knowledge and skills need to save a life. You may just save the life of someone you love.

All of our courses are offered on-site at a time that is convenient for you. Professional Emergency Medical Technicians and Fire Fighters, who have the “real world” knowledge and experience to guide you through the course, teach ALL of our courses.